Prologue EpisodeEdit

Ham Ham Rivals MovieEdit

I don't have that much of the plot down yet, but I imagine it involving most of the main Ham Ham Rivals characters going to a dark future where Shadow Ham type of enemies are.

Song: "Link" by L'Arc~en~CielEdit

This is a bit of a parody of the opening to the Full Metal Alchemist movie. The series is recapped a little during this song.

Song: "How it Started" from Sonic and the Secret RingsEdit

This plays mostly as the Hams fight some of the enemies.

Song: "Faint" by Linkin ParkEdit

The Shadow Ham type of enemy that Abu is facing uses an ability to turn into the one that Abu loves most in order to make it harder to fight or something like that, he turns into Rita and this song plays as it just makes Abu turn into Shadow Abu and fight the enemy that looks like Rita during the song.

Song: "Sandstorm" by DarudeEdit

Sikeeh suddenly appears to save Abu from a bullet type of attack from an enemy, and this song plays while Sikeeh fights the enemy.