Merica, an old sketch by Merica herself.

Merica begins as a young and cute ham who likes to wear fake cat ears, say "nya" very often, admire cute drawings, and draw.  So far, the only combat ability that I have come up with for her is called "Cabbit Hop," in which she hops across the top of hams' heads. 

She wasn't one of the initial members of Cait's Hamtopia clubhouse.  When she joins it, she gets picked on all of the time by Hamtopia clubhouse member Kitsu, which leads to Abu getting mad at Kitsu and defending her.  Abu and Merica become great friends immediately.  They talk together a lot, with it making Abu very happy each time, and with them sharing cute drawings together.

After the Shadow Saga, while Abu is still depressed over Rita, Merica tells him the one thing that ended up cheering up Abu the most, which is basically that she thinks Rita is stupid for leaving him.  They end up talking together, with others and by themselves, pretty much every night at the Ham Ham Rivals clubhouse's drawing board.  The amount that they liked eachother kept increasing by a large amount.  Eventually, they liked eachother so much that they ended up becoming eachothers' ham, ham meaning boyfriend and girlfriend.

Merica Saga: The Roleplay Clubhouse

Eventually, the Merica Saga happens.  Abu finds out about a clubhouse for "roleplaying" that Merica joined, and also finds out about Merica's roleplay character there having a romance interest that calls himself "Hamtaro's bodyguard," which is a ham in a suit of armor.  Also, during a roleplay date they were on, Hamtaro's bodyguard said that he had to go for a bit for real, and Merica sounded sad that he had to go, which to Abu looked like she really did care about that ham even out of the roleplay.  Thus, Abu freaked out and told Merica not to go there again.

Merica then starts to rarely be seen at the Ham Ham Rivals clubhouse.  For these two months, Abu assumes that she is just too busy lately, and continues writing huge love letters to her for a bunch of mornings.  He then wonders around for awhile and sees the roleplay clubhouse again, and hears Merica and "Hamtaro's bodyguard" talking together behind the door.  Abu hears Merica talking about how she wishes she had "anti-boyfriend spray" and a lot of other negative things about him.  This causes Abu to freak out emotionally, and he goes to talk to her at the roleplay clubhouse.  Merica tells him that her disappearance for two months was her way of saying that she doesn't want to be his ham any more (even though earlier in that same month on Valentine's day, she was still nice to him.)  A couple days later, Abu says a big speech about how much she's meant to him, and Merica says that he has a way with words and they become a couple again.  Then, the very next day, Merica mentions how someone else wants to be with her now, so Abu lets him be with that guy instead, and thus they broke up again.

*Some edited out stuff to be added later.*

Merica Saga: The Blackwing Army

After a long time has passed since then, Abu goes on the computer to read Merica's ham mail, in which he finds a logged conversation of her and a ham called XeonV.  Abu is shown reading it, starting to read it out loud to himself quietly, and then reacts once he reaches a point in the log, where XeonV was being corrupted to Merica.

After reading that part of the log, Abu reacts the same way as Babidi in Dragon Ball Z reacts when Goku first turns Super Saiyan 3 (which is Abu's face backing up as he says "HuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUHHHHHH!!!?!?????" in shock and horror.  The episode then ends with Sauce bursting in the room and singing Scatman right after Abu's reaction to the log, with Sauce having his new look of having black hair on his chin like a beard or goatee or whatever. 

Anyways, Abu and Merica have a huge fight over this at the Ham Ham Rivals clubhouse, until MajinKirby ham breaks them up.  Merica decides to leave to go to the place that XeonV owns, which is a large tower called "The Blackwing Army."  And so, Abu, Nora, and Sauce all leave the Ham Ham Rivals clubhouse to set out on a journey to the Blackwing Army tower to get Merica back.

Just as a note, this saga has a very huge amount of parodying of Bleach (when Ichigo and his friends go to rescue Orihime,) Naruto (with how Naruto tries to rescue Sasuke,) and One Piece (when Robin tells the strawhats that she's leaving them and not to rescue her and continues to tell them to just leave her alone and to stop bothering her.)

When Abu, Nora, and Sauce stand in front of the tower (exactly like in One Piece when the Strawhats told Robin to say that she wants to live,) as Merica and a bunch of "Blackwing Army" members stand outside on a special deck the tower has, Abu attempts to talk to Merica.  Merica basically says that she doesn't want to come back to them, and thus Abu grins with determination and wraps his energy chains around Sauce and Nora and leaps below to enter the tower (just like in One Piece when after hearing what Robin says, Luffy grins and wraps his stretched arms around the Strawhats and drops down together with them to start saving Robin.)

From then on, there's a bunch of episodes of Abu, Nora, and Sauce running through the Blackwing Army tower, talking to and fighting with the crew members there.  There's much parodying of the Hueco Mundo saga of Bleach here, with a bunch of background music from that arc, too.  Abu learns during an encounter there that Merica has told everyone that she's three years older than Abu was told she was before, in which Abu is reluctant to believe, even though he finds out that every single ham from both the tower and Ham Ham Rivals clubhouse immediately believed her. 

Eventually, Abu and XeonV fight, but Merica calls out to Abu during it, which ends in XeonV dealing the last blow since Abu and XeonV were heading for eachother for their final attack at that time.  Abu talks to Merica and is told that she never loved him at all in the past, saying that she was too young of a ham to really be in love and that she was just pretending to be the "perfect ham" for him when they were eachothers' ham.  Sauce comes in and explains to Abu that he got to talk to Merica earlier and that she said she isn't interested in being sexual with XeonV anyways, and explains more about how Merica is old enough that she can deal with her issues on her own and that Abu has no place to step into her personal business the way that he has. 

Abu realizes what Sauce was explaining, and thus decides to leave her alone.  But before leaving, Abu explains to the Blackwing Army members that Merica has said before in the Hamtopia clubhouse and Ham Ham Rivals clubhouse that she's three years younger than she says she is now, which makes XeonV finally get angry and make a huge angry speech to Abu, followed by finally officially kicking Abu out of the Blackwing Army tower.

When Abu returns to the Ham Ham Rivals Reborn clubhouse, he finds out that Merica banned him from there too, before she left.  When Abu becomes Shadow Abu at the end of the Merica Saga to hurt or kill all of the Ham Ham Rivals Reborn clubhouse members, the way that he attacks Merica during that episode includes forming a gigantic black hand of Shadow energy that grips her in it.

After the Merica saga, Merica becomes a voice actress on HamTube.  I'm not sure if the series will go on past the Merica saga, or at least after something short that deals with the bad future where Sikeeh dominates, so I'm not sure if anything else happens after the Merica saga or not.

Related Intros and Endings

I imagine Ham Ham Rivals having a different intro and ending for every episode.  A lot of these have Merica in them, but these are some of the songs I imagine intros and endings to that have Merica as a main focus of them.

  • Miko Miko Nurse - Merica ham sings the song.  It shows a lot of Abu and Merica moments.  At the end of the song when it gets really fast and hyper, it quickly shows a bunch of the most violent and "inappropriate" (like Sonar flashing Abu) scenes of the series.
  • IOSYS's "Make Us Your Brides"
  • Bleach intro 5 - The part where it sounds like the singer is saying "Bye bye bye" shows Merica being like that since she leaves Abu and leaves to go to the Blackwing Army.  And a bunch of parts (like where the original intro shows parts of when Ichigo fought Hollow Ichigo) show parts of when Shadow Abu went after Rita when Rita left him.
  • Bleach intro 6
  • Bleach intro 7
  • Naruto intro 5
  • Naruto ending 2 "Harumonia" - During the Human saga, this ending has human Nora and Merica singing about Abu (instead of Sakura and Ino singing about Sasuke.)
  • Naruto ending 12 "Parade" - Basically human ham Abu and human older Merica fighting eachother with martial arts.  But it's mystical.
  • Naruto Shippuden intro 2 "You are my Friend"
  • Detective Conan intro "Growing of my Heart"
  • One Piece intro 6
  • Full Metal Alchemist intro 3 "Undo" - The intro is about the changes that have happened in the series, and one of the main parts show the change from Abu and Merica before the Merica saga to Abu and Merica during the Merica saga.
  • Maximum the Hormone's "Akagi"
  • Maximum the Hormone's "Heisei Strawberry Vibe"
  • Maximum the Hormone's "Nitro BB Sensou" - Sauce or someone says how the Merica saga seems just like the Shadow saga, and Abu says how it's nothing like it.  After that, this ending happens, which is just like the Maximum the Hormone "Falling Jimmy" ending that plays in the Shadow saga in the episode that Rita breaks up with Abu, except with it being about Merica instead of Rita.
  • Songs to Wear Pants To's "Underage Stalkers"
  • Oingo Boingo's "Little Girls" - Some ham says that Abu is a creepy pedo for having Merica as a girlfriend, and Abu says that he isn't.  Afterwards, this ending happens.  During the start, Abu bursts in his room and puts on a creepy business suit and a fake creepy moustache.  Then he goes to wake up Merica and Nora in the night and goes on stage to sing this.
  • Greece's "Summer Loving" - Right before the bad events of the Merica saga happens, Abu and Merica sing this about their relationship.
  • The "Ojamajo Doremi" intros - I imagine Nora, Merica, and I haven't completly decided on the others, replacing the Doremi girls for these.

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